LOPO Terracotta Rainscreeen Panels Factory LOPO Corporation - The most professional manufacturer of Building Terracotta Products in Asia., marketing and service of exterior wall cladding systems - Terracotta Rainscreen Panels, Terracotta Wall Tiles etc.
LOPO Terracotta Rainscreeen Panels Factory
Professional, Focused, Quality, Innovation LOPO has adhered to more than 10 years’ experience of making the terracotta products. Each performance index of LOPO terracotta products meets and exceeds European standards.
Professional, Focused, Quality, Innovation
Specialized Production Lines - 80,000 square-meter open stockyard
- 150,000 tons storage capacity of indoor repository for the semi-product
- Molding machines from Italian BONGIOUNNI
- 80 meters with five layer drying
- 260 meters roller kiln with 428 firing units
- Automatic cutting and edge grinding equipment
Specialized Production Lines
Projects with Lopo Terracotta Products - Shingu University in Korea
- Huaguang Ceramic Company in Zibo
- Vanke Sales Center in Beijing
- Government Building in Yunnan
- Hongkong Baptist University
- Korean Obelisk Commercial Building
Projects with Lopo Terracotta Products